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Perlite is a web based markdown viewer optimized for Obsidian Notes.

The Idea behind is, that you dont need to convert your markdown files to html. The PHP engine will parse the file structure “as it is”. You can put your hole Obsidian vault or markdown folder/file structure in your web directory and the Page will built up by it self.

Its an open source alternative to obisidian publish.

Project on GitHub:


If you want to discuss about Perlite you can join the thread in the Obsidian Forum.

How it works

On visiting the index.php, the site will crawl recursive for all markdown (.md) files starting in the $rootDir. Based on the folder and files structure, the sidebar (left menu) will build up. By clicking a file, a request with the path of the file will be sent to content.php, this checks if this file is in the current folder structure, get the content and call the parsedown.php to convert the markdown to the html. Obsidian links and images will be replaced by valid html links and highlight.js will be called for the code highlighting.

More infos following soon…