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gMSA Passwords

Doing one of the recent HTB Boxes i came across the tool and learned how you can retrieve gMSA passwords with it: Additional to the howto from NetTools you can change the encoding for the desired attribute to only retrieve the current password this will print you only the current password as hex

PHP Voting System – Unauthenticated Remote Code Execution

Today i just found another exploit in the PHP Voting System. The file /admin/candidates_add.php is vulnerable against unauthenticated file upload which can use for RCE. Exploit DB entry: Vulnerable file candidates_add.php You just need to send a POST with multipart/form-data so you can upload any file you wish. There is no cookie or file

PHP Voting System – Admin Authentication Bypass (SQLI)

Today i found a new exploit in the PHP Voting System. Exploit-DB entry: The /admin/login.php is vulnerable against SQL injections and so you can bypass the admin authentication. login.php As you can see the first check if($query->num_rows < 1)against the username is only checking the number of rows. With the following statement you always

openSSH commands unter Windows absichern

Seit Windows Server 2019 kann der openSSH Server über die Features oder per Powershell einfach nach installiert werden. Siehe Windows Server 2019 openSSH. Aber auch für Windows Server 2016 und älter besteht die Möglichkeit openSSH als Server Variante einfach zum laufen zu bekommen: Windows Server 2016 openSSH. In dem Beitrag geht es um das Einschränken